📦Product Overview

After accumulating hundreds of thousands of Q&A datapoints through our 1.0 product, the QnA3 team has realized that a user's expressed intent is often not their true intent but rather a pathway. For example, a user may express the intent to buy a popular token, and several Intent-Centric products exist that can facilitate the buying and selling of tokens through machines on behalf of users. However, by probing deeper into the questions asked by users, it becomes evident that the real intent is "to make money by trading a popular token," and the specific token involved is not the only option; moreover, the majority of users' beliefs and decisions regarding a particular token during the trading process are susceptible to disruption by market information and sentiment.

AI Agent

QnA3 provides exceptional AI Q&A services through our SOTA model's ability to comprehend user queries and our proprietary web3 industry knowledge graph. We help users to structure and navigate through market hotspots, eliminate information asymmetries, and construct their investment logic.

Technical Analysis

QnA3 offers real-time crypto technical indicators and a vast database of market news, providing users with detailed technical analysis to help them understand market trends.

Trading System

QnA3 offers a very straightforward and efficient trading functionality, allowing users to perform purchase operations after analyzing tokens on the platform. QnA3 automatically provides users with trading channels that offer the lowest slippage and transaction fees, helping users to carry out their investment operations at minimal costs.

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