💰About $GPT Token

Qna3.AI stands at the forefront of empowering users to seamlessly navigate and leverage the Web3 landscape. Our mission is to provide effortless and one-click access to the vast world of Web3, bridging the gap between knowledge and practical application in investment trading. At the heart of our platform is a deep understanding of the needs of Web3 users, which drives our commitment to simplifying their journey and integrating knowledge acquisition with advanced trading functionalities. The GPT token is instrumental within our community, unlocking AI features and entrusting users with governance capabilities.

Extended Query Quotas

Addressing the needs of our most engaged users, QnA3.AI offers the facility to utilize GPT for obtaining additional query quotas. This extends beyond standard queries to include the TG Bot quota, ensuring continuous access to information and support.

Interactive Question Engagement

"Horse Racing," QnA3.AI's innovative feature, allows users to use GPT for predicting and betting on the week's trending questions. This gamified approach offers users chances to earn credits to boost question visibility and popularity, culminating in a competitive 'winner-takes-all' event for the most popular question.

Advertisement and Sponsorship

Utilizing GPT, users can purchase advertisement slots on the trending search list, such as sponsored questions, enhancing the visibility of their content. When these slots are financed with fiat currency, the proceeds are redirected into the ecosystem via a GPT buy-back program, bolstering the GPT's value.

Incentives Tied to Trading Functions

In our endeavor to augment the GPT's utility, we are integrating trading features that reward GPT holders with a share of transaction fee dividends. Further, periodic GPT buy-backs are planned to redistribute additional rewards to our community.

Enhanced Governance and User Experience

The ve33 model at QnA3.AI takes GPT usage beyond transactions, empowering users with governance rights through 'vetoken' obtained from staking GPT. This model enriches the user experience by granting influence over platform decisions and offering a more personalized interaction, including listing and tipping rights. It represents a holistic approach where GPT holders actively shape and enhance the community ecosystem.

Exclusive Content Access

This function, which involves offering research reports as NFTs available through GPT transactions, is still under development. This feature adds an exclusive dimension to our content, aligning the GPT economy with the intellectual offerings of our community.

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