🎯Activity Rules

At QnA3.AI, we've developed a dynamic engagement system designed to reward active participation and foster a vibrant community. Our activity rules encompass various interactions within the platform, each with its unique reward structure to enhance user experience and contribution.


1.Asking a Question: Engage with the community by asking insightful questions. Each question posted costs 1 credit from your custodian wallet.

2.Voting on Answers: Play a role in curating the best answers. Upvoting or downvoting an answer earns you 1 credit in your custodian wallet, incentivizing thoughtful participation.


1.Casting Votes: Users are encouraged to vote on questions, with the option to vote multiple times on a single question. Each vote deducts 5 credits from your external wallet.

2.Weekly Voting Rewards: The voting cycle concludes weekly. The top three questions are awarded credits - 20,000 for the first, 10,000 for the second, and 2,000 for the third - distributed equally among their voters in their external wallets.


1. Daily Check-ins: Consistency is rewarded. Starting with 10 credits on Day 1, the reward for daily check-ins increases by 2 credits each day, culminating in 72 credits on Day 7, all credited to your external wallet.


1.Referrals: Earn 20 credits in your external wallet for each new user you successfully invite to join QnA3.AI. This incentive is designed to encourage the expansion of our vibrant community.

2.Ambassador Rewards: Beyond the initial referral, as an Ambassador, you are entitled to additional rewards. These include a percentage of the credits accrued from the activities of your invitees, such as their check-ins and further referrals. This system is set up to acknowledge and reward your role in actively growing and nurturing our community network.

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